About Us

About Us

Reverts Academy is a sister organisation of New Muslims and compliments the work done by New Muslims.

Since 2010, New Muslims has been preparing and delivering Islamic courses to the New Muslim community. Based in NW London, students have come from all across the UK to attend courses. However, it is appreciated that it is not always possible to attend courses due to distance, health, availability or other necessary reasons.

In order to bring this gap, Reverts Academy aims to have brief modules students can learn online, so they can familiarise themselves with the key concepts.

It must be noted that these are basic modules, that are often more detailed and expanded upon in the courses offered by New Muslims.

Although we feel that most of the immediate, necessary modules have been listed, not all of them may be fully prepared, due to the time it takes to prepare each module. These will continue to be worked upon, and the teaching resources of this website improved to make the modules more interactive.


Our Team

All of our learning modules are free and have been prepared by a small team of volunteers with limited resources and time and we seek your forgiveness if we could have put the information in a better way. All comments, suggestions and feedback are gratefully accepted.

We are not funded by any institution or organisation and rely solely on voluntary donations (and course fees where applicable) to operate.